Hamlet Miscellaneous

Here is a page that allows us to step outside the box a little bit! This page is just for kicks. Here, you’ll find games, mind challenges, pictures, and more resources that are both fun and helpful in better understanding Hamlet.

First, here is a character map for reference. Keeping track of who does what is important!

And how is THIS for a synopsis?
hamlet mind map

Did you know that, quite often, today’s media alludes to Hamlet? The Lion King, a Disney classic, is actually based on Shakespeare’s play. A Midwinter’s Tale is a theatrical performance based on Hamlet. Even the TV series Boy Meets World features an episode called “The Play’s the Thing.” Hmm… where have we heard those words before?

We couldn’t resist including the video clips below! How many allusions to Hamlet are made? (We must add: these clips are to be watched during free time, not class time!)

So how much do you actually know about Hamlet? Test your knowledge by taking this challenging online quiz! (By clicking the word “quiz” you’ll arrive at the webpage.) How well did you do?

Still up for a challenge? How about Hamlet Trivia?

hamlet and skull_cartoon

Do you like to dance?  Check out this Hamlet Harlem Shake:

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